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Way to Go

This book, presently out of print, was designed as an introduction to Buddhism for newcomers. It is based on lectures given in Samye Ling by the XIIth Tai Situpa, Patriarch of the Kagyu tradition and President of the charity which runs Samye Ling. The last section is an excellent summary of the "Seven Points of Mind Training" practice.

It was published in 1986 by KDDL, Scotland. ISBN 0 906181 04 6. It has 108 pages, softbound, 210 x 155, with many calligraphies by the Tai Situpa.

"Tilopa: some glimpses of his life"

Tilopa, who at one point had been Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious Nalanda Buddhist university, received and mastered all the vajrayana (some say tantric) Buddhism of his day (11th century) by travelling widely and studying under more than 100 great teachers. He distilled the essence from all these marvellous instructions to create the Kagyu teachings.

This is the best biography of him to be found in the English language. It was edited from lectures given at Kagyu Samye Ling by the XIIth Tai Situpa. Published in 1988 by Dzalendara Publishing KDDL, Scotland, it is 210 x 145 mm softbound edition containing 126 pages, including calligraphies by the Tai Situpa. ISBN 0 906181 10 0. Price 7.95 ordering information

"Compassion through Understanding"

In 1988, a 3-day inter-fath symposium was held at Samye Ling, on the above topic. This book is a collection of the papers presented, by scholars, monks and church leaders. These were put together as a book, with introduction etc. by Dr Frank Whaling (Reader in Comparative Religion at Edinburgh University) and myself. Frank Whaling chaired the symposium. It was published in 1989 by Dzalendara KDDL, Scotland, as a 210 x 145 mm softbound edition. Price 6.95 ordering information

"Our World, How it Came into Being and Our Responsibility Towards It"

The 1989 3-day inter-fath symposium held at Samye Ling. I participated in, and organised, the symposium, but had nothing to do with the production of the book. Published in 1994 by Dzalendara KDDL, Scotland, as a 210 x 145 mm softbound edition. ISBN 0 906181 12 7. Price 6.95 ordering information

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