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Song of Satisfaction

sung by Milarepa in response to the thoughts of 'Bre sTon, who saw Milarepa's cave to be without images, texts or other shrine objects and was thinking what would happen if he died in such circumstances.


Homage to the gurus!


In the Buddha-mandala of my own body
resides the deity: the essence of the Tathagatas of the three times.
The blessing of being without craving for things of the senses
Makes offerings (to it) day and night:
Though lacking outer offerings to present, I am quite satisfied.

Through recognising as primordial wisdom the six types of beings
possessing the tathagatagarbha in this divine palace of the self-born three realms,
wherever I stay is a celestial palace,
whomever I befriend is the yidam deity
and whatever I do is dharmakaya
Though lacking shrine objects, I am quite satisfied.

Applying the ink of great primordial wisdom
to the paper of the red and white external manifestation
letters of the five senses are written,
manifesting as anything whatsoever and recognised as dharmakaya.
Though lacking texts with their black letter, I am quite satisfied.

In general, beings of the three realms possess that-ness
Realisation of that fact is measureless.
By applying my teacher's profound advice on this,
there is never separation from the three embodiments of enlightenment and meditation experience is excellent.

When, in the end, death comes, I'll be exuberant


more Mila songs coming soon!