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From the Story of Milarepa's Invitation
from the King of Khokhom:

The 7 Royal Attributes of Milarépa's Succession


The King of Kokkom (part of present-day Nepal) had heard of Milarepa and wanted to invite him to his city, nevertheless doubting Mila would accept. He sent one of his ministers with the invitation, giving him a sacred arura staff and some finest cotton from India as presents. The haughty minister, who considered his king as almost divine, was appalled to see the poor and humble Mila and even more appalled when he declined the royal request. Milarepa told the minister that he( Mila) was in fact a universal monarch (Chakravartin) with sway over entire cosmoses and possessing the seven attributes of the Chakravartin. This is how Mila sang an explanation to the dubious civil servant.


If you royal ministers, who so long for well-being and enjoyment,
can manage to practise according to the ways of Milarépa's kingdom,
you will eventually gain happiness at all times in all things.
Let me tell you how things are in Milarépa's kingdom.

Faith is my Royal Precious Wheel,
navigating the planets of virtuous actions day and night.
Wisdom is my Royal Precious Gem,
fulfilling all my own and others' hopes.

Right Conduct is my beautiful Royal Precious Queen,
bearing the most exquisite adornments.

Meditation is my Royal Precious Minister,
enabling the treasury to be filled with the two wealths of wisdom and good fortune.

Inner integrity is my Royal Precious Elephant,
ably bearing its mighty burden of buddhadharma.

Diligence is my Royal Precious Horse,
carrying the defilements swiftly away to the land of no-self.

Learning and contemplation make my Royal Precious Commander-in-Chief,
who vanquishes the massed forces of the enemy: distorted thought.

Should you ever come to possess such a kingdom,
you will enjoy the wealth and glory of being its king,
definitively victorious over all unfavourable circumstance
and ruling your dominion through the ten virtues.

May all sentient beings, our mothers, without one exception,
be able to follow my royal edicts.


more Mila songs coming soon!